WordCamp Stockholm 2010

WordCamp Stockholm in English

There are no sessions in English scheduled for WordCamp Stockholm. You’re welcome to attend anyway, but you should know this at least.

Are you planning to attend WordCamp Stockholm but can’t speak the Language of Kings (aka Swedish)? Then we’ll help you, obviously! You’ll find all the necessary information on this page later on. For now, if you need to know anything right away let us know and we’ll help. Just email Thord Daniel Hedengren at tdh at tdh.se and he’ll help out or point you in the right direction.

The When and the Where

WordCamp Stockholm is held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, on October 23-24th. There’s a pre-party on the 22nd which you definitely don’t want to miss! The actual WordCamp is held at the Tekniska museum, which is a great venue. More details on that soon, but in the meantime why don’t you check out Tekniska’s English homepage?

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